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aNag logoaNag - An Icinga / Thruk / Nagios client for Android


aNag is an unofficial An Icinga, Thruk, Naemon and Nagios client for android devices. The goal of this application is provide to sysadmin an embedded overview of all their An Icinga, Thruk, Naemon and/or Nagios monitored infrastructure.

aNag handles:

I noticed that some preference summaries where truncated on some devices so you can found a complete reference of aNag's preferences with summaries and comments at the settings tree page .

The complete changelog is available on changelog page.
You'll also find all user comments available and associated answers on User comments page.

If you use/like/hate aNag, have comments or just want to write something, feel free to drop me a line, I'm also interested on your usage / setting (number of instances/services, if you use quiet hours, your usual notification settings). Suggestions are also welcome. You can also consider donation on donate page.

I'd also want to thank all people who wrote me, review and/or rate, even when it's only few words :)

Just a word for those who rated it bad, I'd like them to tell me why did they rate it as bad, negative feedback can also make aNag evolve :)